Manor Park Methodist Church
East London, E12 6AY
PHONE  +1 020 8478 4752

Health Care

Through our partner BDF, we help people in rural Uganda live a healthy life through regular free HIV tests, and health drives.


We help children get a brighter future through scholastics and tuition. We support right from primary school to university students.

Xperience Board

Xperience Youth group uses a creative approach to youth volunteering, combat violence and empower peers to improve their communities.


Mental health; Drugs & Alcohol abuse; Teenage pregnancy, healthy living, sexual health awareness; ESOL classes; Youth Engagement

OWFA in Uganda

We have internally recruited very well qualified staff and volunteers with very good knowledge and experience of the nature of our work and absolute commitment to the work that we do.


Undertook research that led to the “My Incredible Experience” video documentary showing the young people’s experience on the streets of East London

Support OWFA

There are plenty of ways you can contribute to our work such as; organize a fundraiser for us in your local community, print for us t-shirts, marketing materials or business cards,