Manor Park Methodist Church
East London, E12 6AY
PHONE  +1 020 8478 4752

Our Work In UK

Provision of practical support and advocacy services

In UK, we operate a community centre in East London from where we are engaged in several activities aimed at providing support, information and guidance to young people and vulnerable adults in the community.  We have successfully delivered several projects that include the following:

  • Sessions on mental health
  • Drugs, Alcohol and other illegal substance abuse
  • Teenage pregnancy, healthy living, and sexual health awareness
  • ESOL classes, Free IT, support with job search training
  • Free Support with Online Services
  • Youth Engagement programmes, and Senior citizen’s social networks, encouraging living well for the most vulnerable in the community.

On all the above projects, we have consistently achieved above targets and our activities are always oversubscribed. Over the years, we have engaged in many young adults and vulnerable people in the community, enabling many to find a purpose in their lives through various activities and volunteering programmes.  We run an open-door access at our centre, supporting many people across the greater London. People from all walks of life have accessed support and guidance on several issues including support with access to benefits, social networks, health concerns, and many other issues affecting migrant communities.

We currently work with young people on the verge of joining gangs, or those affected by gang activities and youth crime. We have enabled them to improve their behaviours, stay in education, cope better with the challenges that they face, set targets and work with them to achieve their set targets.   We also have a program specifically targeting young people, through various youth projects with the aim of providing effective peer support to young people from marginalized and disadvantaged communities that may be socially excluded, isolated and vulnerable to many risks in their lives.